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Premium Functional Training

5 day free trial

Sign up to our 5 Day Free Trial and experience a motivating and cutting-edge interval training workout that trains the whole body in a functional way. Sign up now – our classes cater to all fitness levels!


Auckland’s World Class Functional Group Training Facility

We are a functional group training facility, on a mission to ensure that every one of our members that joins our crusade accomplishes their fitness and health goals.

Our vast range of weekly group training sessions are designed and led by our team of highly qualified fitness professionals.

Fitness for everybody

Our goal-specific programs cater for all body shapes, ages, sizes and abilities. Our highly qualified and passionate fitness coaches are here to guide you, support you and help you achieve your fitness goals.


The Uplift Fitness Boutique difference is in the quality attention we provide our members – personalised fitness programs that are led by world-class coaches. Our one-on-one and group sessions achieve so much more than that of the ‘big-box’ gyms.


Our model is designed in a way where we work closely with you to ensure your investment in your health is achieved. By receiving the right support and guidance you are more likely to be focused and motivated.


Our Uplift Body Transformation packages are designed to enhance your physique, mind and lifestyle. Get fit, lose weight, become stronger and more confident with our specifically personalised workouts.


Try a class and find out why our members love training with us!

Our members tell us that our approach to working out will not only improve your fitness, but also help you achieve long-lasting and life-changing results. Our ‘Functional Training’ approach is designed to enhance your daily activities. As humans going about our lives, we move backwards, forwards, side to side, and up and down. Our training is based on these fundamental human movements, making you ready to take on life! Our memberships offer no joining fees, no lock-in contracts and flexible options to suit everyBODY.


Find a class that suits your goals.  All our classes are original, functional, and fun.


Abs may be made in the kitchen, but the core is built in the gym. Designed to incorporate a mix of cardio, and core exercises, Define is great for those wanting to accelerate weight loss while strengthening the core muscles through a challenging mix of functional training movements. Burn calories and take your fitness to the next level.


DUO is cardio circuit-based workout and your training partner is there with you through every step & every breath. Duo is suited for those who enjoy training alongside a training partner or enjoy a bit of friendly competition. Utilise a workout partner to boost your motivation and enjoy your workout more.


High Voltage is a high-energy strength and conditioning workout, designed to challenge your muscular endurance by incorporating 2-minute rounds of high intensity resistance training. Great for all athletes or anyone that just wants to work up a massive sweat, High Voltage engages the entire body.


Step into our Punch Fit workout, and you’ll punch your way to better fitness. This high-energy boxing inspired workout is totally safe and there are no complex moves to master. You’ll release stress, learn the fundamentals of boxing & have super fun while feeling like a champ.


MAX BPM is a high-intensity cardio workout that will push you to your limits, leaving you satisfied by the end. Working at near your maximum heart rate for a gruelling minute round, MAX BPM will significantly improve cardiovascular fitness, increase speed, improve endurance & maximise calorie burn.


Horsepower is an explosive high-intensity strength and conditioning workout designed to improve strength, build lean muscles and improve your overall fitness. This workout uses explosive and powerful movements to blast all your major muscle groups


Max RPM is a strength-based workout for those looking to improve their strength and build lean muscle. Using free weights while aiming for maximum repetition in one-minute rounds, MAX RPM gives you a total body workout. Based around big compound movements, which are movements using multiple muscle groups.


Our Max Out workout is designed to test you in every way possible. You will walk, run and crawl with weight resistance, pushing every muscle to its limits. Max Out is based on professional athlete conditioning methods – combined in a powerful and inspirational environment. Test yourself and see what you are really made of.


5 day free trial

Sign up to our 5 Day Free Trial and experience a motivating and cutting-edge interval training workout that trains the whole body in a functional way. Sign up now – our classes cater to all fitness levels!