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Realistic and Sustainable Results!

Proud of Storm Roth and all she has achieved! Physically and mentally! A true inspiration and such an amazing role model for her family and friends! Thank you for trusting us and allowing us to be a part of your journey!

“My original reason for joining was to support my husband and son by doing a healthy family activity.  Once I started, I enjoyed it so much I started my training with Mo and others with the 12-week challenge.  I enjoy a challenge this a great motivation for me.The more I trained, I discovered training was/is never a chore but a time out where I can get rid of the days stress, worries and reboot my mind – as I like to call it my happy place and my time.  Workouts are not only good for one’s physical but also for one’s mental well being. As anything when committing to gym, one needs to be in the right frame of mind otherwise it is easy to give up or find reasons for not committing I have been very lucky to have been training with Mo since June 2016.  Mo is tough and challenges you to push you to the next level and I have even started running events (and finishing). I have found Mo very supportive, motivating and very approachable.  He is very knowledgeable in all to do with nutrition, exercise and offers his support without judgement.  The programmes that Mo creates for me are challenging which I enjoy.  With Mo being Mo makes my experience GREAT, that my goals are important and that I feel part of a family not just another client to him.  Mo adjusted my training when I was sick and hurt my back, he ensured not to worsen the injury.  The lifestyle changes I have learnt from Mo are all sustainable and practical. With juggling being a mum of 2, working full time in a fast pace role that is not a classic 9a-5p hours and I still ensure that I do 5 workouts per week.  This is made possible with the support of my family, friends, work colleagues and workout family”